Detangling comb

0 out of 5

Wide tooth detangling comb for curly hair. Light weight, smooth finish to reduce snags.

Double Sided Extra Silky Satin Bonnet

5.00 out of 5

Protect your curls or braids from frizz and breakage overnight, with our generous sized bonnets. This reversible bonnet is super soft n silky to leave your tresses feeling loved ❤

Embrace for Every Curl – Shampoo

0 out of 5

Looking for some luscious TLC for your hair? Look no further. This shampoo will have your hair squeaky clean without any dryness. Lathers like a dream, leaves the kinkiest of coils in dreamlike softness. For all curl types.

Embrace for every curl- Leave-in Conditioner

0 out of 5
You haven’t tried leave-ins till you have tried Embrace. Everything from the scent, its silky feel, its lightness is just melting moments. This products truly embraces every strand of your hair to leave your tresses super moisturized and soft. Your brush is gonna glide on through.
For best result use after Embrace moisturizing shampoo 🙂

Flexi Detangling Brush

0 out of 5

Detangles long curly hair, minimises snagging. The flexible motion of brush when tab is removed, creates effortless glide. Use after moisturising hair.

Satin Bonnet Caps Banded

0 out of 5

Our Satin bonnets are a great way to protect your tresses from breakage, retaining the health and length of your gorgeous hair. This is suitable for all hair types.

Wide Tooth Comb

0 out of 5

Perfect for that anti-snag, anti-static detangling of curly hair. This comb works for most curl lengths. It will be a great addition to your wash and detangling routine and you can have them in different colors too 😏